UK NEQAS for Blood Transfusion Laboratory Practice (BTLP) is the expert centre within the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) for all aspects of EQA relating to blood transfusion pre-transfusion and diagnostic testing.

Key Challenges:

  • Understand the essence of competency assessment and how it differs from knowledge assessment
  • Design an online system capable of competency assessment in the blood transfusion laboratory context
  • Build a partnership with BTLP to deliver online competency assessment services to its client laboratories

The Solution:

  • A virtual Blood Transfusion Laboratory delivered online
  • Automated construction of realistic blood testing scenarios
  • A diagrammatic design tool shared with the customer
  • A content management system to maintain scenario resources
  • Automated assessment of user performance
  • Laboratory and user level performance dashboards
  • A long term partnership between BTLP and Certus to deliver the service

The Result:

  • An efficient system of competency assessment in blood transfusion laboratory practice
  • Hundreds of registered laboratories and thousands of individual users
  • A new revenue stream creating a sustainable business model for the service
  • An innovation award from the Royal College of Pathologists